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Connect mind, body , and soul though the ancient practice of Raja Yoga. Rejuvenate yourself and bring harmony to your life in a nice and safe environment to practice Yoga Asanas, breathing excersices (Pranayama), meditation and relaxation. The classes are for small groups which makes it more exclusive. Booking in advance is required, no experience needed, just the heart and mind open to receive. One- on - one or private group classes are also available upon request.

Divine Guidance Activation as you open up your channels to receive the guidance of these etheric beings . The energy of the Angels is very subtle and soothing. The sessions are a relaxing way to tune in with high frequency and uplevel your connection with your higher self. Mariana will guide you and channel this beautiful energy to help you improve specific aspects of your life, remove blockages or just elevate your frecuency.

Enhance your well-being and strengthen the connection between you and your partner, synchronizing your energies, in a very intimate environment. Immerse yourselves in the soothing vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls , chimes, along with other tribal instruments to ground yourselves. The biggest Gong of Miami is also part of the experience. Private group sound healing and One - on - one sessions are availave upon request.

Celebrate special dates, birthdays, aniversaries, annual reunion, or "just because" gatherings with your love ones. In this meeting we will explore different mindful practices and exercises to connect with each other and ourselves according to the occasion.

In this session you will be lead to conncet with your higher self (The I Am presence within you) and receive guidance in many aspects of life, Mariana will take you to a deep relaxation using different techniques to access to that space of healing from within.

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